Photo taken outside the Mercury offices

There is nothing like waking up to frozen car doors, ice everywhere, and the shrill panic of our local action news. But since we here at End Hits are still part of the media, we feel the need to contribute to the weather-based hysteria in the only way we know how: through song. So, all this week—or until we get bored with the idea, or the weather improves—we'll be posting music to soundtrack this icy hand of death that currently grips Portland. Panic! Arctic Death will kill us all!!


Black Sabbath - "Snowblind"

Much like Scarface was an uplifting tale about a young Cuban entrepreneur—and nothing else—"Snow Blind" is definitely only lyrically focused on frosty weather and the limited visibility triggered by a snow storm. I mean, what else would a reckless rock band like Sabbath write about? Just like their tender ode to gardening, "Sweet Leaf," here Ozzy and company gives us a weather report that we can all relate to. Oh man, I can't feel my face.

End Hits: It's so cold outside that we were forced to keep warm inside a hollowed-out tauntaun.