KATU's Brian Wood has a plea:

"We love seeing your pictures. We can only get so many reporters out into so many different locations in our region," he says, begging people to upload photos to katu.com. "Then we can get, literally, a picture of what the conditions are like throughout the area."

Because that is exactly what we need. MORE pictures of white stuff. (And confidential to Wood: If you can station Brian Barker at Les Schwab all day long, you have PLENTY of reporters.)

Also, KATU reporters have discovered the rubber-things-with-spikes that slip over your shoes for better traction. And they LUV them. I've seen two reporters so far show off their rubber-clad-boots.

"These little chains for your shoes!" says reporter Margy Lynch. "I've been wearing them around... and I'm telling you, they keep you upright! It's a good thing."

WOW! Where can I find these? "You can get them in a lot of places," anchor Angelica Thornton says helpfully. "Famous Footwear sent us an email message, Les Schwab has them, Sports Authority, REI, Joe's... If you don't want to go out and buy those, they cost about $20, we've heard that you can just slip like knee highs or nylons over the bottom of your shoes or boots for extra traction. Anything can help."

This is when you know it's time to go off the air.