I'm not at city hall today—technically I'm on vacation, can't you tell?—but that doesn't stop me from watching it on Channel 30.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Santa is attending this morning's city council meeting:


But Santa better be careful, lest he end up on city hall security's naughty list. The sign outside of council chambers warns against food and drink, and here's evidence of Santa sipping a soda...


UPDATE: Santa's testifying! "I'm here today to thank you. I've been watching you all year, and I know if you've been naughty and I know if you've been nice. And I would say you've been more nice than naughty," Santa says, on behalf of Northwest Pilot Project. Santa's giving a shoutout to Mayor Tom Potter for "your extremely helpful support to homeless programs and homeless people, and your commitment and concern." There are "so many projects" the council has supported that have helped the homeless, like the Morrison affordable apartments near PGE Park.


"And I want to thank you for loving Portland," Santa says. Even when people are quarreling, Santa knows that each and everyone of them truly loves Portland. "I love Portland too."

Santa also gave the council brownies, apologizing for the homemade goodies in lieu of a plaque. "This is better than a plaque!" says Mayor-elect Sam Adams. "These aren't 60s era brownies, are they?" Commissioner Randy Leonard asked (otherwise he'd save them until after work, he says).