While my colleagues blog from the warm comfort of their homes, I walked to work this morning because I live in the stone ice age and do not have access to the internets at my hacienda.

So, as of now, I'm the only one in the cavernous Merc editorial office for the time being. I know I should be working on a story for Last Supper, but there are a couple things I plan to do while everyone is away:

Play with all of Erik's cool Battle Star Galactica figurines (he dusts them, like, twice a day and demands that everyone who comes in his office not even LOOK at them).

Look at Wm. Steven Humphrey's tranny porn collection.

Do a little Tom Cruise Risky Business dance.

Get the vodka out of the freezer and get blasted.

Set traps for thieves, put on aftershave and scream like a little girl.

What else do you think I should do? Any suggestions, Blogtownies?