The last Portland Farmers Market of the season has been canceled, leaving some farmers holding a bag full of harvested veggies and no buyers.

This has prompted one of the markets participating farms, Rainway Farm (4395 S.W. Minter Bridge Rd. Hillsboro), to drastically reduce prices:

Round $.75 per lb. German butterball, Yellow Finn, All blue, Cherry red, Etc.
Fingerlings $1.00 per lb. Austrian Crescent& Red thumb.

Garlic $3.00 per lb
Shallots $ 3.00 per lb.
Carrots $.75 per lb.
Parsnips $.75 per lb
Onions $.75 per lb
Beets $.75 per lb
Leeks $.50 each
Winter Squash $.50 per lb
Kohlrabi $.25 each
Brussels Sprouts $1.00 per lb
Pippin Apples. Good for pies.

You can call the farm at 503.681.3056 to get more information or place an order.