Mere days before the Greatest Consumer Holiday of the Year, Nationale (2730 E Burnside) bravely opened its doors to the snowy streets on Sunday night (at 7 pm!), and will be open tonight until 8, and again tomorrow from about noon to 6. If you've been holding off on picking up stocking stuffers, your delay has presented a great opportunity. Nationale has the best selection of simple, exotic, affordable little treasures. Owner and native Frenchwoman May Juliette Barruel reports that some choice items, like a Limoges porcelain china set, have already been sold, but you can still stock up a selection of French candy and toiletries like Monteux orange blossom water, toothpaste and deodorant (practical, yet glamorous!), soaps, candles, and more. Plus, look for a selective array of Barruel's favorite books, releases from Marriage Records, and local art. Cheaper than tickets to France!!





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