There's a new movie based on the Street Fighter line of videogames headed to theaters in February with nary a Van Damme or Raul Julia in sight.

Hyde Park Entertainment, the people who cajoled Capcom into handing over the rights after the last movie on the subject was widely ridiculed as worse than cancer, released the first trailer from the film earlier today.

I won't lie to you: This clip is in Japanese so you probably won't catch the crucial dialogue introduction, but trust me, it's not necessary. All you need to know is that somebody handed Balrog a rocket launcher, M. Bison looks like a middle-aged Neil Patrick Harris and Ryu and Ken are nowhere in sight.

Oh, and in case you forgot how awesome the last Street Fighter film was, I've included a few choice clips below.

Guile (Van Damme) delivers an inspirational speech worthy of Patton himself:

Things get a little romantic:

Raul Julia, in his final performance:

Guile can fly? Guile can fly: