I'm about as excited to do another post about bacon as I am to do another post about the smoking ban—not very, in other words.

But the following video titled "the pork experiments" had far too much pluck (and pork) to ignore. As far as I can tell, these folks are creating a far more complicated and nuanced version of Steve's pork log (the kidnapping of which was probably the most egregiously under-reported story of 2008). I mean, check out the bacon weaving (which incidentally was the most under-appreciated new art of 2008).

Thank god there were no explosions


This video is documenting a modified version of the Bacon Explosion recipe on the BBQ Addicts blog. The reason the resulting pork log came off the grill an ugly charred mess is because they didn't read the recipe and cooked it at 300 degrees instead of 225.

This is how it should look:



Much better.