Viande Meats and Sausages left City Market yesterday with plans to consolidate their business on the east side of the river. For the time being there will not be a Viande storefront—it will most likely reappear on East Burnside sometime this spring in conjunction with a new, as yet un-named, restaurant.

This, from a press release:

Well, as of Thursday, January 1st, Viande Meats & Sausage will no longer be located inside City Market. It will be… nowhere. We will be relocating to the new digs, but it’s going to take us a few months to get there.

As far as the meat counter at City Market is concerned, butchers Paula and Eric will be staying on, changing the name of the enterprise to Chop.

It will be great to have Ben Dyer and crew on this side of the river (and close to the Merc office), but it's also great to hear that there will still be high quality butchery going down at City Market. You don't ever want to see a Nob Hill resident on lamb chop withdrawal... It's horrifying.