WOOT! Hey, look! We made Jeff Mapes' Oregonian politics blog for climbing into bed with the Democrats! SEXY.

After Willamette Week jumped out of bed with the Democratic Party of Oregon, the Portland Mercury was quick [to] take the place of its journalistic rival.

The Mercury is now cosponsoring an inaugural night bash with the Democratic Party and waving aside any concerns that it is compromising its journalistic integrity.

"We're an alternative paper and we make a promise that we're going to be accurate and fair," said W. Steven Humphrey, the paper's editor. "So if the Republicans ever manage to elect an awesome president, we'll sponsor their party too."

Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman said he didn't know about his paper's plans to co-sponsor the party until I called him about it last month. He quickly pulled the plug on the event and WW even made itself "Rogue of the Week."

"For journalists, getting in bed - or appearing to get in bed - with any Party (with a capital P) isn't just plain wrong," WW said as it flagellated itself. "It's downright unethical."

Unethical or no, ME LIKE TO DRINK. And me also like to drink to our newest and most awesome president ever, Barack Obama (he's a Democrat… right? Not that I care). Anyway, be sure to join us (oh, and I think the Democratic Party might be there too) on January 20th as we celebrate Obama's inauguration at the fancy-pantsy Oregon Inauguration Victory Ball at the Tiffany Center Emerald Ballroom, as well as the somewhat less fancy, but probably twice as fun Change Is Here Dance Party at Holocene!

Tell you what: Anyone who thinks it's unethical can stay home.