Need proof that not even the bullshit profession of writing about videogames for a living is impervious to the current economic Ragnarok? EGM (aka Electronic Gaming Monthly) was shuttered earlier today after parent company Ziff Davis offloaded its videogame division to the Hearst Corporation.

Solid numbers on just how many EGM staffers were handed walking papers are still trickling in, but I can most certainly testify that an informal poll of those I know at the magazine indicates layoffs on a massive scale.

Additionally, — the online network component of Ziff Davis' gaming division — is to be merged with Hearst's network, effective immediately. It's currently unclear what content will carry over from 1up, though I do have word that all of the site's multimedia content (read: podcasts and video blogs) have been canceled.

Normally I'd try to end a post like this on a joke, but I'm a bit too nervous that the shambling corpse of the U.S. economy may soon be clawing at my door. As I load my shotgun and hack my staircase to splinters, I'd like to remind my employers that not only do I work cheap, I also look great in a mini-skirt and pumps and have no idea what the words "sexual harassment" mean.

Edit: Altered headline. Original wording made it seem like William Randolph Hearst had returned from beyond the grave to devour media outlets. As far as I'm aware, the dead have yet to rise in anything other than fanciful metaphor.