Planning a trip to Seattle this weekend? BETTER BRING YOUR SNORKLE. Seriously, I-5 is closed around Chehalis, WA until further notice. And the train isn't running either. Emergency? Horizon Air is offering discount flights to Seattle!

Obama is flexing his sinewy muscles to get his stimulus package passed by February.

Oh, and by the way, Barack Obama is NOW officially our next president. Wait… what?

Roland Burris may be skipping his way into the senate, but Gov. Blagojevich is looking at some serious trouble, starting with impeachment proceedings.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says, "Whoa, dude, check out this totally awesome new Windows 7! (And umm… ahem… pay no mind to that silly Vista thingy)."

Sarah Palin thinks the press is going easy on Caroline Kennedy. Umm, could that be because everyone knows that Kennedy isn't an utter dumbshit?

Israel is waiting until Obama's inauguration to let reporters in to see the death and destruction in Gaza, because that's when Americans "simply won't care." WOW. And even worse… are they right?

"U.S. Scientists Have Learned How to Levitate Tiny Objects."
Yay! I can finally cancel my Viagra prescription! Ba-dum-SHHH! Thank yew! I'll be here all week.

And yet another adorable, super smart interview with Rachel Maddow, this time on the Daily Show. Do you love her glasses or what?