THE OREGONIAN LOVES THE SECRET LIST!!! "It also may be that the civil libertarians are working off an old model, in which a secret list of names inevitably breeds abuses," writes the "editorial board," although it could just as easily have been someone from the Portland Business Alliance. Or Himmler. No, sorry, he died. Read about the Banality of Evil, here.

OBAMA TEAMS WITH SPIDERMAN!!! Sweet Jesus, that's gonna sell out fast.


WORST UNEMPLOYMENT SINCE 1945!!! Got a job? Keep it...

PALIN CLASS WAR!!! The Media is going easier on Caroline Kennedy because of her class, says Lady Muck.

CHENEY UNREPENTANT!!! Plans to fish the Snake River in his retirement, rather than answer for war crimes at the Hague.

JOHN GOTTI'S NEIGHBOR!!! Was "dipped in an acid bath." Mystery solved.

AMBASSADOR WINTOUR!!! Obama is "rumored" to be in talks with the Vogue editor to be his Ambassador to London, writes the ever credible gossip columnist at Fashion Weekly.

OBAMA TO TALK WITH HAMAS!!! And good on him for it. Perhaps he could take Spidey along...


Good day.