Something I've felt guilty about forever: After watching the first five or six episodes, I kind of fell in love with The Prisoner, the fantastic British TV show that ran from 1967 to 1968. This was six or seven years ago when I was watching, mind, back when my then-girlfriend's former roommate's boyfriend had all of the Prisoner DVDs—and as can probably be guessed from that tortured explanation of how I first was exposed to it, I didn't have easy access to the show after catching the first few episodes. Ever since, I've meant to pick them up and watch the rest of the series—seriously, I think about that show all the time, I can't shake it—but I've somehow never gotten around to it.

I no longer have an excuse. In light of a looming Prisoner remake, AMC has posted all of the episodes of the original show, which you can watch for free.

Excuse me.

Via The Beat.