Update, 12:33 pm:

Adams' communications director Wade Nkrumah says "It's not online, it's been taken off, and I don't know why. I'm sure it's going to be back up—there's nothing wrong with the plan, certainly. It's just not online."

He'll let us know more when he does. How curious...

Original post, 10:26 am:

On Saturday I called on wonk readers to weigh in on Sam Adams' plan for his first 100 days in office. Yet, weirdly, the plan seems to have disappeared from Adams' website this morning.

I've so far gotten three emails from frustrated wonks this morning, who are just dying to use their work time to do something non-work related examine the details of the plan and critique it for our collective benefit. Yet no response, so far, from the mayor's communications director as to where the plan has disappeared to. Let's hope this is just temporary, an ongoing part of glitches that were affecting the city's computer system last week.

Tomorrow, the mayor plans to launch his economic stimulus package, too. Let's hope that remains online long enough for us to actually digest...