If you haven't caught an episode of MTV's newest reality show/spinoff from The Hills called Bromance, for the love of god, do it NOW. The Hills Brody Jenner is looking for a new "bro" to fill out his "crew"—but it's not simply enough to drink brew and bird-dog chicks, you have to be SENSITIVE, yo. And keep it REAL, you know? Because that's what Brody's all about: keeping it REAL. And he's obviously super secure in his heterosexuality, because why else would you call your show "Bromance," make sure to get lots of "one-on-one time" with your bros on a romantically candle-lit patio, have your elimination ceremonies in a hot-tub, and add gay porn scenes like the following from last night's episode for no apparent reason?

And did any jaws besides mine hit the ground when Brody dressed up like the Frito Bandito while he and the bros were eating at a Mexican restaurant? Check out the full episode here!