I'm not sure why Willamette Week film editor Aaron Mesh apparently has a Google news alert set up for the keywords "Brendan" and "Fraser," and I'm not gonna ask him, but via the WW's non-blog comes the news that HOLY SHIT HARRISON FORD AND BRENDAN FRASER ARE COMING TO PORTLAND! EEEEEEEEEEE!


Pictured, left to right: Harrison Ford, Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser.

Harrison Ford is most famous for being in the Indiana Jones movies, while Fraser is most famous for his films that unashamedly rip off the Indiana Jones movies. They'll both be in Portland in April to star in a "fact-based medical drama" directed by the jackass responsible for What Happens In Vegas.

Fraser will play John Crowley, the father of two children who were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder for which he's told there is no cure. Unbowed, he seeks out an experimental and sometimes irascible doctor (Ford) who works to find a way to save the children's lives.

Ford being irascible? Fraser being all doofy-and-likeable-despite-his-terrible-choices-in-starring-roles? Count me in! And by "count me in," I mean, "I'll be hiding behind dumpsters near the shooting locations, desperately trying to get Brendan Fraser to autograph my VHS copy of Encino Man."

Via the WW and Reuters.