INAUGURATION!!! And that's all that you're gonna be interested in on Blogtown today...promise.

21 QUESTIONS!!! And counting, so far, for Mayor Adams to answer this morning...add yours to the list. Check back at 10am for a City Hall update. Adams is also expected to give a "let them eat cake", I mean, "apology," speech at 1:30. "At the time I did not think that people would believe me," he says, on this Youtube, as in, "at the time before the election." I wouldn't say he sounds terribly contrite, would you?

ADAMS: "I've got a lot of apologizing to do..."

PSYCHIATRIST!!! As in, does anybody know one, who might be prepared to listen to this Youtube and talk about it on the record? We've got a new lede to write, and their insights might be helpful. Email Or call me on my cell: 503 502 2106. Today, please. It's urgent.

APPLIED FOR AMY RUIZ'S JOB!!! As in, did you apply for the job as sustainability policy advisor to mayor Adams? And do you know anybody else who did? What's your resume look like? Were you interviewed? How did that process go? Email Or call me on my cell: 503 502 2106. Today, please. It's urgent.

WHITE HOUSE MOVERS!!! In and out in five hours.

VICE PRESIDENT IRONSIDE!!! Cheney will attend the inauguration in a wheelchair.

BOOGYING WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! Obama's daughters get the concert of their lives.

WRINKLY MADGE!!! Madonna looks awful in new picture...


Good day.