I'm curious if the Oregonian called on Bill Clinton to resign after his affair with Monica Lewinksy—a pizza-bearing, thong-baring White House intern and a subordinate of the POTUS—was made public? Or did the Oregonian, like a lot of liberals and progressives, argue that Clinton's private life was his private life, that Ken Starr put questions to Clinton that no one has a right to put to anyone, that Clinton and Lewinsky were consenting adults and that, given the circumstances, it was perfectly understandable that Clinton lied about his "sexual opportunism"—and lie about it under oath? A lot of folks were running around saying that then. I wonder what the Oregonian's position was.

I'm working on a piece for someone else about something else, and I'll post about Sam Adams, er, "blowing it" a little later today.

But quickly: I'm pretty much con fucking 18 year-olds. I've warned gay teenagers to steer clear of older gay men and it's clear that older gay men who get involved with teenagers may not be doing themselves any favors in the long run. But let's remember that some gay men wanna fuck 18 year-olds for the same reason some straight men wanna to fuck 18 year-olds. There's a reason why the fashion industry sends 15 year-old girls tottering down runways and not their mothers; there's a reason why barely legal porn featuring 18 year-old girls is a popular porn genre and while legal-times-two porn featuring 36 year-old women is not.*

More later.


* Okay, okay: not as popular.