SNOWING!!! As in, it is...

BECKHAMS LEAVING LA!!! He's enjoying his time on loan to AC Milan a little too much for Victoria's liking...

OBAMA-AL-AKBAR!!! Grants first presidential interview to an Arabic station in Saudi Arabia.

COMPETENT!!! Timothy Geithner squeezes his way in as Treasury Secretary, despite his missed medicare and social security payments.

BLAGO'S TV TOUR!!! Because there's nothing like comparing yourself to Gandhi on national TV to up your credibility.

KARL ROVE SUBPOENAED!!! Heh heh heh heh heh.

LEAKY LIKE A SIEVE!!! Governor Paterson of New York denies knowledge of who told the press about Caroline Kennedy's "personal issues." Even though it was blatantly his doing...

OCTUPLETS!!! Woman gives birth to eight babies in Los Angeles.

Good day.