Mayor Sam Adams may find it more difficult than expected to do the city's business, if this morning's council session is anything to go by. The second item on this morning's agenda was the appointment of two new members to the cops' Citizens' Review Committee: Barbara Anderson and Rochelle Silver now join the group. But during the opportunity for public comment on the agenda item, three people got up to ask questions about Adams' leadership.
ADAM BERG: Questioned Adams' leadership...

The first, Adam Berg, with, began speaking:

This council is about to appoint people to the Citizens' Review Committee. One week ago, I would have assumed these individuals to be the best for the job. Now, while I want to assume that is true, the mayor's actions have made it near impossible to take his word for it, especially regarding hiring practices.

At this point, Adams interrupted, telling Berg he was happy to listen to testimony as it related to city business, specifically the appointment of these CRC members. "I'm sorry, I feel it does relate to city business," said Berg, who eventually agreed, after a suggestion by City Commissioner Nick Fish, to submit his comments in written form. Here's the rest of the statement:
These three probably deserve the appointment, but the mayor's lies and his hiring practices reflect poorly on these presumed innocent people. Mayor Adams, doesn't your continued presence make hiring more difficult? How is the general public supposed to trust your recommendations? Should the city council take additional measures to vet the mayor's recommendations?

The other two submitted their questions in written form, too. Adams, whose communications director resigned yesterday, was stony-faced throughout.