Metro Council president David Bragdon was up at the zoo yesterday with an African hedgehog, trying to predict the weather. "Not only has the hedgehog been wrong three of the past four years," says Bragdon, "but this year the orangutans’ prediction about the Super Bowl was wrong. They picked the Cardinal jersey instead of the Steeler jersey. I may have to fire them all."

BRAGDON: "Maybe next year we will just barbecue the little fella at Otto’s and be done with it once and for all."

Now, in actual interesting news, Bragdon had an editorial in this morning's Oregonian saying it's impossible to determine the size of the Columbia River Crossing, without deciding on how much to toll the bridge. He hits out at departments of transportation on both sides of the river for apparently separating the question of lanes from the question of tolling, and further, hints that he'd like a 10-lane bridge. At least, that's what I think he's saying. Judge for yourself.

Doubly interesting: While Bragdon emailed three times to talk about the hedgehog, he's not responded yet to my questions about the bridge. And when I called to ask him in person, I got the voicemail. It's all about messaging, I guess.