When a Boy Becomes a Man


Our society routinely sends late-teens off to war, and sentences 17-year-olds (and even younger) "as adults" for various crimes. 18-year-olds can start businesses, live on their own, drive cars, get credit cards, vote, and sign contracts.

Apparently, the only time that 18-year-olds' free will to make decisions and be responsible for the consequences is broadly questioned, is when that 18-year-old engages in private consensual activity with an older adult.
I agree, Dan. It's almost as though Faux News is *trying* to deceive you. If their election as Mayor depended on you believing it, their fraud would approach the level of Sam's fraud. Disgraceful.
Words are important! ; )
Let's just call them 18 year old Twinks and be done with it.

What? What did I say NOW?
Those are both AP stories, dude. Please go after the right people.
It's a freaking copy error. Grow up, people.
uh, Dan. if Randy Leonard had kissed a 17 year old girl in the city hall men's room, then waited a few weeks so she was "legal" to f87k her, would you be defending him?
please answer the question, only if you have the nuts to be honest.
Sorry Dan - both are pretty fucking disgusting.
Let me see if I follow you, Dan Savage- You work in Seattle for a Seattle paper yet you always have to comment on anything to do with Pedophile Portland Mayor Scam Adams, just because he is gay (and you are buddies, good ethics there!). If he was straight you wouldn't even be commenting, or you would be the leader of a witch hunt for him. You do the SAME EXACT thing with Christians as well.

Don't you realize that you are HURTING gay rights when you spout off.

Seattle has enough issues for you to deal with up there. Stay away from Portland!
I hate to burst your bubble, A Portland Gay Man (yak yak yak..), but Sam Adams is not a pedophile. Maybe take some time to grab a dictionary or even go to dictionary.com and look it up. Better yet, here let me help you out..

ped·o·phile (n.): An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

Now, I am all about freedom of speach and you can have your opinions on the who scandal of what our Mayor did with an ADULT. I am not asking you to get off your soap box or change you opinion. All I am asking is that you at least do some research one your side of the argument so you don't make yourself look like such an ass.
Even more useful than dictionary.com is the first sentence on "pedophilia" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition:

"The paraphilic focus of Pedophilia involves sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 years or younger)."


PREPUBESCENT, got that? Can we maybe drop the "pedophile" bullshit, everybody??
Please oh Please Savage get over your Sam lovefest its getting disturbing. Yes we know you are buddies and that you don't care what he does so long as he stays Mayor of a city you don't even live in!!! Do not forget that you yourself said that men who chase after teens are scum...that makes Sam scum...Savage is a blowhard hypocite!