Who got their paws on a copy of the brand new recording from Weinland? We did! And although it's quite some time before Breaks In The Sun becomes available to the masses—April 21st on CD, May 12th on LP, and May 19th digitally—we couldn't keep the goodness to ourselves.

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The first clear impression of Weinland's follow-up to last year's La Lamentor is that Breaks In The Sun is far less of a bummer than its (take-with-lots-of-alcohol) predecessor. As much as I adore La Lamentor (and drinking), that album is downright heavy at times. This time around, the band possesses the same gift for penning lasting melodies, but presents it with a slightly sunnier—or at least, less overcast—delivery. You can listen to this new album without crumbling to the floor under the emotional weight of the band's songs. That's a good thing, right? Of course, the exception might be the Neil Young (Harvest era) sounding opening track, "Sunken Eyes."

Weinland - "Sunken Eyes"

In other Weinland news, the band has already booked a date for their album release: April 11th at the remodeled Mississippi Studios. Get ready for that "new venue" smell. Also, since their last recording is less than a year old, it's not too late to still be making videos for songs on that record. The band just finished a clip for "Devil in Me."