The Mercury grabbed his notes after he was done speaking. They're after the picture, for your interest.
JOHN ACREE: Was also carrying a copy of Trader Magazine...

My name is John Acree and I ahve been a Portland resident for the past 15 years. I would like to thank the City Council for the opportunity to be here this morning and speak to all of you. Thomas Jefferson once said, "He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time till at length it becomes habitual."

In many situations where someone has chosen to lie, like you, subsequent lies must be told in order to cover up the initial lie. And most often, like yourself, you entangle others around you who have no idea that they have become embroiled in your deceitful ways. For the validation of this you only need to ask your fellow council member, Mr.Leonard how he feels about being a part of this. Or if that does not make you feel comfortable, ask your past spokesperson, Mr.Nkrumah.

While it is true that most of us have at some point told a lie in our lifetime, I myself learned that lying was an unacceptable behavior from my mother when I was 7 years old. Apparently those same life lessons were not being doled out at the Adams family househould when you were growing up.

While many say that your love of Portland is quite evident by your hard effort and dogged work ethic, I would submit that you hold one love higher than that. That would be your love of the Sam Adams political machine. From the moment this story surfaced you have done everything in your power to try and save your own skin and ensure your ascent into the office of the mayor. There is no doubt that the election would have been dramatically different if we all had known about the level of your dishonesty.

I for one have grown tired of our society's tolerance of unacceptable behavior. The sexual grooming of a 17 year old, regardless of yours or their orientation would not be accepted if you were Mr.Adams the math professor or Father Adams the priest. But apparently having "mayor" in front of your name gets you a free pass.

As a side note, in the month of December 2008, the City of Portland's unemployment rate stood at 9%. This was the same month that you hired Amy Ruiz with absolutely no experience as your "strategic planning and sustainability policy adviser." She has gone on record to admit that she has no experience for the position albeit for one very important skill set, she was a reporter writing a story about you. Maybe I am being over presumptuous, but with the City of Portland having a population of close to 600,000 people and the unemployment rate at 9%, I would think out of the 54,000 unemployed people, someone out there had to have had "sustainability and planning" experience and wanted to work.

You have lost my trust and the trust of countless others. My choice for mayor is someone whose first instinct is not to tell lies and then engage others unknowingly to cover it up. You can rest assured your time in this building will be very short lived. If need be, I will gather every signature myself required to recall you and ensure that the only thing you will be doing in this building is watching city council meetings."