Here's one for the single woman staring down the barrel of "singles awareness day," or for the non-single ladies out there who just happen to buy their own lingerie (it's probably for the better that way anyway, don't you think?): Lille Boutique (1007 E Burnside) has been selected as one of 20 best lingerie stores nationwide to host the release of Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted by Judith Sills, clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author (Tomorrow, 6-9 pm). I know—even though I secretly harbor what's probably an unhealthy fascination with self-help books, that in and of itself would be kind of a whatever, except that it's Lille's gig, and they always make it worthwhile. How? With lingerie models, of course, wearing the store's latest acquisitions from Araks, Wundervoll (recently featured in the NYT style section, BTW), Keep Me, Matters of Leisure, and Stella McCartney. Additionally, you can sample wine from Duck Pond Cellars and vegan truffles from Missionary Chocolates, and check out jewelry from Sahlia Michelle Jewelry.

AND! If you buy the book or make a purchase of $25 or more, you can be entered to win one of the following giveaways:

Lille: Vintage French Silk Stockings and Garter Belt, $80 value
Duck Pond: 1.5L Magnum of Merlot, $75 value
Noble Rot: 2 Wine Flights and 4 Menu Items, $75 value
Lille: Cote Bastide Bath Gift Set, $68 value
Sahlia Michelle Jewelry: Sterling Silver Pounded Ring Necklace, $62 value
Missionary Chocolates: 9 pc. Assorted Truffle Box, $30 value
Lille: $25 Gift Certificate

Lille is also giving away a copy of the book in the drawing, to be held at 8 pm (you must be present to win). While you're waiting and hoping your magic number gets called, check out the boudoir portraits by sometimes Portlander, sometimes New Yorker Marne Lucas, up through the end of the month. Lucas is a pro at bringing out the beauty in women, and her work features lots of Portland women, perhaps even someone you know, rather than professional models. If you ever have want or cause for sexy photos of yourself, she's the woman you need to call.


Lingerie by Stella McCartney, available at Lille