The fine folks in the "ex La Luna Building," 828 SE Ash St., are having an open house tonight with booze, food, and jazz music.

Simpatica Dining Hall will be providing appetizers and beer, along with a cash bar. Biwa will be serving appetizers and sake.

From the press release:

On Thursday, February 12th from 6-9pm we will have a 6-piece jazz band playing across the hall while we serve beer and wine and appetizers. In addition, for those of you made of sterner stuff, there will be a cash bar with some specialty cocktails available for purchase. Need more? Our good friend Gabe Rosen from Biwa (down the hall) will be serving some appetizers and I believe pouring sake. Let’s see… free food, free booze, free music, great space… why won’t you be there?

Why won't you be there, indeed.