Today is Friday the 13th. Forget ladders and black cats, here's a list of things to fear:

Terrorists: In the fifth attack on Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad this week, a female suicide bomber killed thirty people.

Poverty: Actually more fearful than terrorists, according to the Director of National Intelligence who says global instability from the economic crisis could turn poor people worldwide into violent extremists.

Judges, Money and Myspace: Turns out judges in Pennsylvania were getting kickbacks for incarcerating kids, including one who served three months in a reform school after building a MySpace page mocking her assistant principal.

Power Crazed African Dictators: Zimbabwe's new prime minister tells the world to "get over" Robert Mugabe and focus on the country's other problems — but hours later one of his cabinet members is abducted.

Endless War: Oregon soldiers redeploy to Iraq, leaving behind families here to focus on "SWEAT" — sewer, water, electricity, academics and trash — a continent away.

A Flowerless Valentine's Day: Israel lets the first exports out of blockaded Gaza in over a year - 25,000 Valentine's Day carnations bound for Europe.

Airplanes: The second plane to crash in NY State in under a month hit a home in Buffalo yesterday, killing everyone onboard — including a 9/11 widow. Obama says the crash reminds us of "the value of each day." Even a day like Friday the 13th.