Are you sick of all the time you waste eating cereal? Well, finally you can DRINK your cereal thanks to LIQUID CEREAL. (Drinking's faster than eating, right? Right.)


Here are a couple of reviews from

Apple & Cinnamon Liquid Cereal definitely lives up to its name as the product truly does taste like apple & cinnamon flavored cereal. With a slight thickness to its body, this product also feels somewhat like cereal in your mouth. The greenish color is probably our biggest issue with this product as green colored milk is typically a sign of some sort of problem.

Chocolate Liquid Cereal is a beverage that really does live up to its name. The consistency of the product literally feels like finely ground cereal that is smooth, not mushy.

And here are some actual customer reviews:

my kids loved this they spent several hours wandering around the streets , either because tey where really happy or that it made them disorentated ,also very suspiciously my son came down with flu and my daughter has started to grow bollock thanks a lot i hate your stuff

You made me cry when i saw your cereal i puked up my carrots and i found some froot loopsin the mix i just want to say ur cereal tastes like sour cheese

yea it was great my pet rat loved it , i gave it him cos i thought it tasted like death oh yea and dude , you owe me a rat ,thanks a hell of a lot R.I.P rat17 you gave him rat cancer i hope your happy

Hat tips to Mom Logic!