Conjugate the verb: To Wonk. I wonk. You wonk. He wonks. We wonk. You all wonk. We're wonking...

HIT AND RUN!!! Not terribly wonky, this, but police are still searching for the driver who hit and killed 35-year-old Aaron Jeffery Drews near Sassy's on SE Morrison, early Friday morning. Can you help?

VISION INTO ACTION!!! When Tom Potter was mayor, he started a huge and costly project called "visioning," which rapidly turned into a laughing stock, and yet, continues to surface occasionally, at least, prior to the next round of city hall budget cuts, when the smart money is on the project officially becoming toast. Now, to show how far the project has gone from being merely about talk to, er, being merely about, talk...there are going to be weekly coffee klatches at city hall (from the German, Kaffee, coffee + Klatsch, gossip) for community members to drop by and "informally mingle," according to the Oregonian. The first is this Wednesday at 8:30 am. We'll be klatching. Bet your life on it.

HOT, FLAT AND CROWDED!!! Thomas Friedman, author of the book I just mentioned, is giving a free lecture at PSU's Stott Building on March 9 at noon—930 SW Hall St. Hat tip to Portland Transport. Speaking of sustainability, here's something the Bus Project knocked up, that I rather like:

CITY BUDGET GOES ONLINE!!! And we can all wade into it...deep joy!

THE SOUND OF SILENCE!!! Anna Griffin suggests Sam Adams' may be saying hello to darkness, his old friend, as members of the business community are keeping schtum, rather than calling for his head, because they don't want to risk alienating him in the event of his survival. "The lions atop the Portland Business Alliance urged one another to insist on resignation," says Griffin—I'm trying to figure out which "lion" told her that, unless she's simply quoting the PBA's statement of position, following its retreat to discuss the matter—but ultimately, "nobody with any real clout demanded his departure publicly." And that's the crux: Clout. Clout. Clout. Versus anonymity, presumably.

ADAMS SNUBBED!!! Speaking of "clout." Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley haven't invited the mayor to the launch of their economic stimulus package today at noon. "While top elected officials are not asking Adams to resign, nor do they want to associate with him," suggests one commentator, whose name is easily misspelled, and follows...

JAQUISS, J'ACCUSE!!! Oregon Media Insiders has a round-up of WWonkery related to the Breedlove scandal, asking "Is The Oregonian too close to its stories?" There's only one comment, so far...perhaps you can change that.

STUNNING, SHOCKING NEWS!!! Jack Cover, the inventor of the Taser, is dead at 88.

AN EVIL MONOPOLIST!!! The New York Times goes out of its way to show it's not going to pull any punches when it comes to savior investor, Carlos Slim.

BLACK PEOPLE ARE "CURSED"!!! Muses one of Portland's most contentious bloggers...again, there's only two comments over there, currently, which is surprising...

ENGLISH FIGHTING TECHNIQUE!!! Face of the Cookie muses on the intimidating qualities of tweed jackets. This is wonky. Trust me. Although personally, I'm beginning to favor the hound's tooth. Woof.

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