Aldridge James “AJ” Richardson is living the good life. He has a gorgeous town house in always-flavorful New Orleans, plenty of frequent-flier miles from jet-setting around the country on a whim, and an MBA—but he’s never had to work a regular job. He owes it all to his longtime lover, Dray Jones. Dray Jones the rich and famous NBA star. They fell in love in college when AJ was hired to tutor Dray, a freshman on the basketball team. But Dray knew if he wanted to make it to the big time, he must juggle his public image and his private desires. Built on a deep, abiding love, their hidden relationship sustains them both, but when Dray’s teammates begin to ask insinuating questions about AJ, Dray puts their doubts to rest by marrying Judi, a beautiful and ambitious woman. Judi knows nothing about Dray’s “other life.”

Or does she?

This appears to be a gay romance novel about basketball. I have questions. (None of which are answered by Basketball Jones' UK cover.) Who is this book's target audience? (is it me?) Why are Dray's teammates such jerks? Do men read romance novels? Do women read basketball novels? What does "always flavorful New Orleans" mean? Are there dirty parts?

Perhaps my questions will get answers tonight at Powell's, 1005 W Burnside, 7:30 pm. In the meantime, there's always Romentics.