While I thoroughly enjoy Flight Of The Conchords as a television show, I'm pretty indifferent to the band itself. I have no desire to purchase their album, or drop $45 to see them in Portland, but if they released more songs like the excellent "Carol Brown" (with a video courtesy of Michel Gondry) then I just might change my mind.

Loyal to the quirky Conchords theme, "Carol Brown" pays tribute to various former girlfriends in a convenient list format—my personal favorite is "Britney, Britney hit me" which is an excellent, most likely intentional, play on Britney Spear's "(Hit Me) ...Baby One More Time"—only to have an oracle of ex's voice their opinions as well. The whole thing is sort of similar to Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," or Jim Carroll's "People Who Died," but way less depressing. A few more songs like this and that $45 ticket isn't going to seem like such a bad idea...

Link: Idolator

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