LEONARD AND MYERS AT IT AGAIN!!! Because last time the City Commissioner and the Old Town cop worked together on a program without a written basis, targeting people for unclear reasons, the ACLU challenged it in court. Now the pair are under scrutiny for targeting downtown businesses because...er...well, apparently, because Jeff Myers and Randy Leonard don't like those businesses. But they're going to have a city council resolution on the matter, soon, to make it all official. After five years of doing it with no scrutiny, at all...fortunately the O's Metro editor appears to have woken up since the recent article in Newsweek accusing the paper of being a "go-along, get-along" kind of establishment.

BOULEVARD OR CUL-DE-SAC!!! The Oregonian questions the city's renewed effort to rename a city street after the labor leader. "Go-along, get-along," no longer!

DE$TINATION RE$ORT$!!! Carla Axtman at Blue Oregon has been tracking campaign donations by those who would build pricey destination resorts at the Metolius. It turns out, the developers are trying to buy off the state legislators who can give the go-ahead to get the resorts built. Whodathunkit. Let us know when you get the threatening letters, Carla! Axtman also accuses the Bend Bulletin of essentially being in bed with the would-be developers. Fighting talk!

BRISTOL PALIN!!! Says abstinence isn't realistic!!!

CHENEY FURIOUS OVER NO BUSH PARDON FOR SCOOTER!!! Perhaps he'll take him "duck hunting."

THE TERMINATOR!!! Arnold lays off 10,000 California employees.

DRUNK!!! The Japanese finance minister quits after being clearly shitfaced at a G7 press conference yesterday. Perhaps it's because his economy shrank 13% last year...or perhaps, like most people in finance, he needs to drink to fill the meaningless void of his professional life. No shame in it.

BEHEADING!!! The founder of a Buffalo TV channel portraying Muslims in a positive light has a public relations problem: He's alleged to have beheaded his wife.

13-YEAR-OLD DAD CASHES IN!!! Poor kid looks about eight years old. But he has a PR consultant!

PHELPS BEATS POT CHARGES!!! Time for a celebratory doobie!

Good day.