As you may have read, the Mercury is gearing up for our annual sex issue (due out March 12), and this year's sex survey (guess who we were inspired by!) should be in your hot little hands by the end of the day. So sharpen your pencils (JK—please fill it out online if you can, we only have 10 interns, you know) and find a good hiding spot so you'll be able to answer truthfully. Then, don't forget to nominate yourself or someone else (whoever's sexier) for the Sexiest Person(s) in Portland contest, the winners of which (one of each flavor) will be featured in a photo spread in the Sex Issue, along with the results of the survey.

HERE'S HOW: Visit the Mercury Flickr pool and submit your photo(s) of a sexy individual(s), and tag it "sexyportland." OR, if you prefer, send your photo in an email to our Art Director, Justin Morrison. Just make sure the subject of your lust is at least 18 years old and that you know how to contact them in the event that they are selected (speaking of which, stick around on Blogtown if you want to help us do the sexy selecting...).

Do it. Otherwise we're going to run nothing but crotch shots of this guy.