For Portland Trail Blazers supporters familiar with terms like RLEC (Raef Lafrentz's expiring contract), and salary dump (pretty self-explanatory), today is like Christmas morning. The NBA trade deadline ends tonight at midnight tomorrow at noon, and Portland has a golden ticket (RLEC) they are ready to cash in. But the question is, who does Portland send packing, and more importantly, what player(s) will the Blazers acquire?

The names being tossed around include: Amar'e Stoudemire (not gonna happen), Vince Carter (maybe if it came with a time machine to take him back to his younger days), Kirk Hinrich (meh), Qyntel Woods (just kidding), Luol Deng (yes please), Caron Butler (oh yes), Gerald Wallace (oh god, yes!), and tons more. This is like the NBA version of Brewster's Millions, and Portland is playing the role of Montgomery Brewster. The only problem is that midnight cannot possibly come soon enough. I want a trade.


*** 2:30pm update: Blazers Edge is reporting that Ike Diogu is on his way to (most likely) Sacramento. More coming...