Holocene's Minigolf Invitational is much fun, provided you can successfully resist the urge to splinter Flavour Spot's elaborately curving, damnably difficult construction into thousands of little pieces. There are 12 fully playable holes total, created by local designers and ranging in difficulty from simple to rage-inducing. One sinister furry golf-monster-creature-thing requires you to navigate via video screen (IMPOSSIBLE), while the Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township designers establish themselves as the most popular kids in the room by cannily giving away free pancakes for every (easy!) hole-in-one. It's fun. Golfing and drinking go great together (who knew?). Feel free to wear your plaid pants. Ned Lannamann did, and he hardly got made fun of at all.

Tonight & tomorrow at Holocene, 6 pm, $8 Photos courtesy of Holocene's Jarkko Cain, who kindly sent over photos after my own camera crapped out.