Goddamn, movie posters used to be so much cooler.

Anyway, this Saturday at 7:45 pm at the Hollywood (4122 NE Sandy), the Grindhouse Film Festival will be showing The Toolbox Murders. Check it:

Wanna get two free tickets? Then email me before 5 pm today, and make sure your subject line is "Toolbox." I'll pick a winner at random* and email them back by 5:30 or so to let them know when and where to pick up their tickets.

One more time: 5 pm today. "Toolbox" in the subject line. I'm repeating this info because whenever I do these ticket giveaways, I inevitably get like nine emails the next day, usually with subject lines like, "Free movie tickets plz!!! :) :)" Emailing me in this manner will not get you the tickets.

*Flattery helps.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Grindhouse Film Fest's Dan Halsted, who called me out for accidentally posting the trailer for the 2003 Toby Hooper remake, not the original 1978 version that will be playing on Saturday "The Tobe Hooper remake is a godawful mess," Halsted says. "The original movie rocks." Check out this TV spot for the original film.