Green Center: Architects Present Designs


And city employees are losing their jobs because of the economy. Isn't it time to start living within our means?
Thanks for the roundup, Matt.

One correction: FX Fowle was not the lead designer for the New York Times building. It was designed by the great Renzo Piano, with Fowle in a supporting role.

I think it would be particularly exciting to have a prominent out-of-town architect working on this project, although lots of architects in town could use the work. One architect I talked to who was at the presentation last night made a strong case for Winkler's team with Perkins + Will, another internationally prominent firm. We'll see.
Oh, and to 'Concerned Insider': you make a fair point, but we're talking about funds that come from different places. There is a lot of funding available for sustainable projects, but not for retaining cities' employees.
Thanks for clearing that up, Brian. Renzo Piano. Got it.
What exactly is other-worldly or postmodern about the words "triple glazing" (like a double-paned window but with three layers of glass) or "substantial daylighting" (when light from the sun and sky comes through the window) or "reducing bird mortality" (when your machines kill less birds)? I bet Amy Ruiz wouldn't have been confounded by architect's jargon.