Mayor Sam Adams will make his first "State Of The City" speech today at City Club, just after noon. In honor of the occasion, David Bowie has donned his special blue jacket, is smoking an ostentatious cigarette, and Annie Lennox made a dubious hat choice:

MAYOR ADAMS: Under pressure...

There will be time scheduled after the mayor's speech for media questions, and I'd like to take the time to relay some of your questions to him, if you'd be so kind.

Adams is expected to announce three green strategies in his speech—one aimed at reducing carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050 (details yet to be worked out), another pilot program aimed at weatherizing 500 Portland homes for energy efficiency, and a $1500 solar tax credit for business installing solar energy systems in the next two years. The mayor is also expected to reference his draft Economic Development Strategy (pdf here), which Sarah reported on in last week's Mercury.

Yet despite the speech's emphasis on "green" initiatives, Adams is under pressure from his green voter base, following his advocacy for a 12-lane bridge across the Columbia on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Oregonian editorial board today accused Adams of "leading the distraction", instead of "leading the action." An O reporter expects Adams to address the Breedlove scandal in his remarks.

So: Your questions for the mayor, please.