There's a little saying around the NBA: every city thinks the Lakers are their rivals. But most of those cities never suffered this humiliation. It's kind of like Portland's own 9/11—we'll never forget.

Tonight, on this very blog, we'll be covering the event live. I'll be blogging and will bring along my trusty little hand-held video recorder. If I'm lucky I might capture something a la two seasons ago:

I remember that game well. I was working for the Blazers and was on hand in LA for the double-overtime stunner where Kobe Bryant's ridiculous turnaround three sunk the Blazers and capped a 65 point performance, the second highest of his career.

And while the Blazers have played like absolute garbage in LA (the season opener is another mine in the memory banks) they've dominated here at home, beating the Lakers their last six straight times in Portland. Tune in to Channel 37, 95.5FM, and join here to talk shit at 7:00pm.