photo credit "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid"

Diggnation's Kevin Rose was on Jimmy Fallon last night which is old news in the Twitterverse but then again, my last tweet about about delicious vanilla pudding posted FIVE MINUTES AGO is old news in the Twittersea so it's best to just move on and not worry about the whimsy of Twittertime.

Digg founder Rose is a Big Deal in the tech world, especially down here in San Francisco or at least, he was a Big Deal back when using the term Web 2.0 to describe things was not ironic. Sadly, now he's just a fading star in the universe of handsome wealthy internet geeks - and okay, can someone please explain to me (like I'm a five year old) what kind of internet superstar has a website which is so supremely dysfunctional that it does not have any way to contact Rose or a Rose lackey or a webmaster or SOMEBODY who can help me register to comment on his blog posts? And don't even get me started on my feelings about "registering" and "creating a profile" in order to comment on a blog because it makes me so...oh. Um. Never mind. REGISTERING IS AWESOME I LOVE IT AND THE MERCURY IS FORWARD THINKING BECAUSE A PERSON CAN STILL POST ANONYMOUSLY, ETC. I'm just saying I tried five times to register on the Mr. Special Kevin Rose's website and no go. I would like some sort of compensation from Mr. Rose or an apology or a muffin basket. Especially a muffin basket.

Where was I?

So Kevin Rose was on Kimmel Fallon last night and they conducted some kind of Twitter experiment. This, in conjunction with Fallon's short internet video with Felicia Day about World of Warcraft shows that Fallon is trying very hard to bridge that gap between old and new media. Regardless of your feelings about Fallon or Kevin Rose (or Felicia Day but don't you dare say a word about my precious Felicia Day because we are going to be best friends FOREVER and she smells like honey and new paperbacks) you gotta give them credit for thinking outside of the idiot box.

Watch it here.