TrekMovie.com is easily the best Star Trek news site around. And yeah, I'm the sort of dude who keeps track of this sort of thing. Fuck off, I'm awesome.

The reasons for TrekMovie's radness are twofold: First, there are the obsessive, unintentionally hilarious commenters, who post things on each story like, "No, for Kirk’s physical in 'Corbomite Maneuver' he had no shirt, but Spock’s exam after he was attacked by the McCoy/Salt-sucker in 'The Man Trap' was in the black shirt only." The second is James T., TrekMovie's 11-year-old "youth correspondent." James T.—pictured above—is a huge Trekkie, is pals with Leonard Nimoy, and writes things like this:

I also did an informal survey with six other sixth grade boys at school. Out of the group, only one had never even heard of Star Trek. When I asked if they knew that there is a new Star Trek movie coming out, only three knew about it, and only two said they were interested (and one maybe). Also only two out of six had seen anything related to the movie. Finally, I asked them, “What words do you think of when you think of Star Trek?” The answers were “cool”, “space”, and “gay”.

As Mercury Music Editor Ezra Ace Caraeff correctly pointed out, "That's actually a really accurate description of Star Trek."

James T. also writes things like:

There were other kids at the convention, and since there aren’t a lot of kids at my school who are into Trek, it was great to meet a few people my age who like Star Trek as much as I do! Some of us participated in the costume contest, which is cool that they had special category for kids. I went as Spock, but didn’t win.

He writes of the below photo, "I am 4th from left, kid on far right won."


Bullshit! That dumbass on the far right looks like he's covered in crap! James T., you should have won that contest. You should win everything.

I think the best thing James T. has written so far is this:

By the way, my seven year old sister, Holly, plays with the Star Trek action figures, but she does not always stick to the original plot. For example, she uses the Trip Tucker and T’Pol action figures as the parents and various Harry Potter action figures as their children!

Seriously, this kid's like my favorite writer on the planet right now. Check out all of the pieces he's written here.