As you already know (and have the sticky underpants to prove it) Starbuck herself, Katee Sackhoff will be at the Battlestar Galactica screening tonight at the Bagdad to watch part one of the series finale and to answer questions. Activate… NERDGASM!! (BTW, show begins at 10 pm, and doors open at 8:30 so get there EARLY.)
But here's the thing! I had a Battlestar Galactica dream last night, so I'm pretty sure I already know what's going to happen in tonight's episode. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? I'm posting my dream after the jump, so check it out if you're into dream spoilers! (NOTE: If my dream is true, then tonight's episode will defy the entirety of the BSG storyline thus far, and yet would be the most AWESOME episode ever!)


So here's my dream:
The Battlestar gang are camping in the woods. (I'm sure tonight's episode will clear up why they're there.) Starbuck, Boomer, Helo, and Apollo are hiking around and find a deserted cabin. Apollo says, "Hey, let's have an ORGY." And the rest of them are like, "Duh, of COURSE."
Anyway, they all whip off their clothes, and start banging. Helo and Boomer pair off while Starbuck and Apollo are kicking it wild style right next to them. Then Helo starts banging Starbuck, while Boomer hops on top of Apollo's junk. Then Helo and Apollo start doing it, which makes Starbuck and Boomer so hot, they start doing it, too.
Then President Roslin walks in, and is like, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" And the rest of them are all like, "We're havin' a space orgy, yo!" So Roslin says, "As leader of the colonies, I decree that I want to tap some of that stuff, too!"
So Roslin jumps into the action (happily, her cancer is gone and she's lost that ugly wig), and they all roll around on the floor sharing a big, juicy, celestial gangbang.
Then there's a commercial about KFC's Frak Pack, and when we return, some mysterious stranger walks in and lops off Starbuck's head with a machete.
I woke up, but that's probably how tonight's episode will end. What a downer, huh? That's the problem with this show: they can't even have a decent orgy without getting all depressing.