*Obligatory "Hi Nex" (and one dude questioning my dumb name)*

My story isn't all that different from yours, I suppose. I started playing Peggle when it was released on the PC in 2007. At first it was just at parties, with friends. Some guy would say "Hey man, we're gonna do some lines and play Peggle. You want in?" and I'd be up to my nose in colorful pegs and bouncing metal balls.


When Peggle Nights was released last year things started getting bad. My girlfriend kicked me out because I wouldn't screw her anymore — I couldn't! The only thing that mattered was lining up that Fireball shot just right! She just didn't get me. That bitch.

So I stole her clothes and sold them for more copies of Peggle.

They say junkies don't get clean until they hit bottom, right? Well that was last week. PopCap sent me copies of Peggle for the Xbox 360 and for the Nintendo DS on the same damn day. I stopped eating, I stopped going out — I was pissing in a fucking jug man!


And then I OD'd.

When I came to in the ER my fingers were bandaged and covered in blood, I was eating through a tube, and an IV was pumping painkillers into my arm. My family was there. My mom was crying, my dad looked a little pissed but mostly sad. "I can't do this anymore," I thought, and as soon as I was let out of the hospital, I came here.

I've been clean for 3 days, and the withdrawls are killing me, but with support I think I can make it.

(At least until Peggle comes to the iPhone later this month.)