I am a fan of the Rock. This is because the Rock is fucking awesome. If you don't already know how fucking awesome the Rock is—WHICH YOU SHOULD—then I urge you to partake in what I sometimes like to call "The Best Double Feature of All Time." (At other times, I refer to it with a slightly gayer term, "The Rock/Seann William Scott Double Shot.") It consists of watching The Rundown and Southland Tales in quick succession, and there is a necessary cool-down/meditation period immediately following, in which you will realize that your life has forever changed for the better.

ANYWAY. The Rock's new movie, a remake of Race to Witch Mountain, opens today, and Alison's review is here.

Also in the august pages of the Mercury's film section this week: I interview one of my favorite directors, Steven Soderbergh, Courtney talks about wanting to be a Ballerina, and Kamala takes a look at The Hunker Down to Rise Above Cinema Show.

Also, a look at Stacy Peralta's new doc, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, and Ned's web-exclusive review of the latest from the Whitest Kids U' Know, Miss March.

So head on out to those theaters, people. If nothing else, pretty pictures on a giant screen might keep you from breaking down into tears over the price of popcorn.