I picked out that press photo special for you guys. You know why.

White Bird is offering Mercury readers $16 tickets to their five remaining shows, Dutch dance troupe anoukvandijk's performance of STAU. (Here's where I remind you of something I relearn at TBA every year: Just because you can't pronounce it, doesn't mean it isn't good. You plebe.) It was in the paper, but I figure lots of you maybe don't, um, read print. They're offering a $10 discount, and the show—which promises intimacy! and nudity! and which will probably in all seriousness be very impressive, as White Bird shows usually are—goes down at the Oaks Park Dance pavilion, Wed-Fri (with two shows a night on Thursday and Friday).

Go to whitebird.org/uncagedtickets. Enter the discount code "Mercury" (hey, that's us!) when buying tickets. Enjoy fancy dance.