Thank you to all who submitted to my Drank rap contest (hit that link for the amusing entries)! I'm pleased to announced the winner of their very own can of DRANK: Tommy, who handily won the prize with the following tidy rhymes:

Beat box intro by "Cheryl the beat box girl from Holland"...

Without my purple I be rollin ineffectual.
But with my sizzurp on I'm intel to the lectual.
I got no feelin, my extremeties in traction,
deceleration jelly rollin satisfaction!
My brain a fireball internal rhymin scene,
my lips be paralyzed by all of this promethazine.
If I could get up I'd articulate a lotta scat,
but now I'm 'bout as useful to y'all as Not-A-Cat!

Beat box outro by Timmy "Urban Ape" O'Niell...

Bonus points for painting a musical picture complete with intro/outro and for Blogtown insider reference. Time to get your Drank on, Tommy! Get in touch!