The Internet is a capricious mistress, isn't she? It seems like only yesterday (Friday actually) that I was talking to Wm™ Steven Humphrey about what the hell is this Foursquare thingy on the internet and why is everyone at SXSW getting their twitters in a twist about it and suddenly it's Monday and Dennis Crowley, Foursquare createur is in danger of being sued by the Google and I'm left stranded in the internetsy wake of her fickle tidal storm, still trying to decipher this "Foursquare" and worried about poor Mr. Crowley with his Dickensian name and ill-conceived interactive whatchamacalit.

David Crowley, pwned

Hit the jump to find out wtf is this magical Foursquare?

Basically, Foursquare is a kind of mobile social networking application that will let friends know exactly where you are (by text message or Twitter or iPhone app). And it's a game, too. You can receive "points" based on how many new places you visit (over a period of time or all in one night) and who else has been there.

Anyway, Dennis Crowley developed Dodgeball, a similar application but without the game aspects, for Google a few years ago and it seems that maybe he re-used some or all of the code to create Foursquare. This is illegal.

Foursquare is not available in Portland and now may never be (DAMN YOU GOOGLE AND YOUR "LAWS") but I seriously doubt Crowley will give in so easily. He seems determined to make some sort of elementary school recess game into a geek gadget phenomenon. If it were me, I'd go with Heads Up Seven Up but only because I'm really good at pretending to keep my eyes shut.

You're welcome, Crowley.

*Thanks to the eagle eye of Blogtown commenter raishawn, I've found out Foursquare IS available in Portland, at least according to this link.

Tip o' the internets hat to Valleywag.