One good thing about this economy is that you can now have a three course meal at bank account wounding restaurants for $25 or under.

More and more of the city’s eateries are jumping on the 3-for-25 prix fix menu band wagon. It has gotten to the extant that soon it will be difficult to find a big name downtown restaurant that doesn’t have the option. Well, except for El Gaucho. A place that has cocktails that cost as much as it does to rent a small apartment doesn’t need a 3-for-25 menu.

At this point, all of restaurateur Bruce Cary’s restaurants have a 3-for-25 (that’s Blue Hour, Saucebox, clarklewis, and 23 Hoyt). Chef Pascal Sauton of Carafe has had a $25 three-course menu for quite some time now. And yesterday, a cadre of downtown Portland restaurants began a promotion called the Delectable Downtown Dining Deal (these people love alliteration more than I do!), which gives diners the option of three courses for $20.09 (that’s clever, 2009, I get it). The offer is good Tuesday through Thursday at Pazzo’s, Southpark, Gilt Club, and other schmancy-pants spots until April 19th.

But here’s a little tip from me to you: they will kill you on drinks! Get loaded at a dive bar before hand, and then go eat. See? I’m always watching out for your pocket book. It’s because I love you. No. I really love you.