Bikeportland Editor Jonathan Maus has been live blogging the Salem hearing on the planned Idaho Stop Sign law today if you're interested in all the nail-biting details. Bottom line: There's been no vote, but the committee chair says there are "conflicting messages" about whether or not the law is a good idea, according to Maus.

I've been especially enjoying Maus's Twitter updates throughout the hearing, too:

Another surprise: Someone from City of Portland (Matt Jaffee) is up now. He says Portland "is taking a neutral position on this bill".31 minutes ago from web

Wow. Apparently the City of Eugene has sent in a letter saying they are not in support of this bill.33 minutes ago.

But the question we're asking at the Mercury is: Are you "disappointed" in the City of Eugene, Jonathan? Enraged, perhaps? Outraged? Feeling betrayed?

Note to readers: Maus got very sensitive when we wrote that he was "disappointed" in Mayor Sam Adams' vote on the Columbia River Crossing last month, based on a conversation we quoted. We ended up changing the word "disappointed" to say "is reflecting on". I just wanted to see if Maus has calmed down a bit since then.